Mercedes-Benz Service

Our servicing procedures cover all Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles.

As part of servicing and maintaining your Mercedes-Benz, we recommend you service your vehicle at between 6 to 12 monthly intervals depending on your driving conditions, especially if you do multiple short trips of 8 km’s or less. This is classed by Mercedes-Benz as harsh driving conditions.

We carry out a range of the following maintenance procedures:

•    Small MB interim service every 6 months
•    Mercedes A type service thru to E type service (As per Mercedes-Benz Log Book)
•    Complete engine coolant and radiator flush
•    Electronic brake fluid flush
•    Accredited air-conditioning service 
•    Power steering service
•    Automatic transmission service and flushing of the torque converter
•    We use all recommended oils and lubricating fluids.
•    We have the choice of Mercedes-Benz original parts or OEM aftermarket parts.
•    We stock all required service items such as oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters, trans  filters, p/steering filters.
•    We are an Authorised ATE Brake Centre.
•    We carry a full range of Mercedes-Benz brake discs, brake pads, hoses, ABS, ESP/BAS components.
•    We only carry out work after your approval has been given, so you don’t get bill shock.
•    We will work with you to prioritise urgent work and non urgent work
•    We can tailor a service or repair to suit  your budget as required

We also have all the older Mercedes-Benz special tools for servicing models back to the 1950s. Eg. All engine valve adjusting tools, diesel fuel injection timing tools, carburetor tuning equipment, Bosch diagnostic tune-up machine, the early Mercedes-Benz push button tester, Mercedes-Benz diagnostic break out box with all test leads, MB diagnostic tools  for later models, electronic brake bleeding machine.

After 45 years of servicing Mercedes-Benz we have the expertise and equipment required to have your Mercedes running and driving like new.


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